Heels in the Mud? (About)

The idea for Mud on My Heels came about because of a sprinkler in Samara, Russia this past Summer. I was taping an interview with my friend Yury when the sprinkler started to shift closer towards us. I stepped out of the way when SPLAT! the heel of my foot landed in the mud, and my heel was covered. The incident got me thinking about how we pick up mud, dirt, gravel, or whatever it may be everywhere we go. It's like a little bit of our adventures we keep with us.

I expanded on this idea to include my love for all thing fabulous and unique because of the inspiration from my friends Tanya, Irenia, and Marie who always dress to impress no matter where they go or what they do. I even watched Tanya play Duck Duck Goose in a mini-skirt!!!

I hope you like this blog, and I hope a few specks of mud travel with you from this site (not viruses I promise). In the end, I want this blog to be about travel and the lessons I learn on my adventures. A little fashion and pop culture thrown in won't hurt anything now will it? Let me know if you have any additional advice.

Thanks Ya'll,