Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Biggest Losers & Whiskey

Season 11 Cast
Tonight was the premier of my all time favorite television show The Biggest Loser. I have been obsessed with this show since the very first season when Ryan Benson claimed the title of Biggest Loser. Each season offers heart wrenching stories, hilariously impossible challenges, devious game play, villains, and heroes. This season looks to be among the best!

My initial favorites are Courtney and Arthur who lost over 100 pounds a piece just to be healthy enough to compete on the show, the purple team Hannah and Olivia, and Austin just because he makes me laugh. The team to beat, however, seems to be former Olympic gold medalist Rulon and his partner Justin. I foresee at least one of them at the finale.

It makes the whiskey tolerable!!!
Immediately following the show, I had two shots of peppermint whiskey. It's this nifty little homemade concoction of pure whiskey and melted peppermint sticks. My family has used it for generations in place of traditional cough and cold medicines. It works wonders! I've been sick for a couple of days now, and the numbing sensation of whiskey rushing past my swollen throat glands felt like heaven. Although, there is one downside to this amazing home remedy . . . it knocks you right off your feet and into the deepest sleep of your life. I would wager even the most harden drinkers could be waylaid by just two or three shots!

Before the "medicine" kicks in, I want to share something I realized while watching the show. The Biggest Loser and peppermint whiskey do the same thing. They help people get better by knocking them on their butts. Take tonight's show for instance, Ana and Arthur both literally fell on the backsides trying to complete the first workout. The experience of actually being knocked down or passed out is unpleasant at best and terrifying at worst, but sometimes it is exactly what we need to get over whatever is challenging us.

In just about an hour, I will be so zonked out that Armageddon could occur and I wouldn't flinch. Yet when I wake up in the morning, I will be refreshed and ready to take on the world. Don't be afraid to take on something hard or challenging that will probably knock you on your butt once or twice - those things are usually worth a fight! When you fall, pick yourself up and keep going. Past Biggest Loser contestants can tell you all the pain is worth it in the end.

Jilly Jelly & Ame'nut Butter pre-workouts!!!

Take a look at the resolutions you set a few days ago to see how you can challenge yourself to make them happen. My friend forever and sister for always, Jillayne, and I decided to join the Biggest Loser Club and start walking together three times a week. That's our challenge! Now go set yours!!!

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